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Mar 10, 2012 8:00pm EST
today. mitt romney was the winner in miami, along, and the northern mariana islands. he adds 25 delegates to the total. rick santorum is the winner in kansas and will get 33 of the 40 delegates at stake there. all of the candidates turned their attention to tuesday's primary votes in alabama and mississippi as well as caucuses in hawaii and american samoa. visit our web site at c- >> the national press foundation held its 29th annual awards this week in washington, d.c. the foundation provides educational programs are journalist and awards for excellence in journalism. recipients were chris wallace, david new house, and i watched news. -- eyewatch news. >> we are delighted and lucky tonight to have eric schmidt, the executive chairman of google. he is quick to talk about the future of mobile communications and the movement of information. this is the first in a series of talks we want to present at our awards dinners for leaders who live at the intersection of technology and media -- which is where we all live now and where we are going to live up for some
Mar 10, 2012 11:40pm EST
am sure. here is the trump debate. first, i depicted gingrich as a newt. romney is a bit of a chameleon. go-ahead and show the next slide. the voters say i want anyone but mitch and mitch says i could be that. sex scandals are always really challenging. the jokes are easy, but most of them are unpublishable. that is where my editor comes in. he likes to trim my cartoons. when i do inappropriate ones, and i do. anthony weiner -- here is my anthony wiener cartoon. twitter trouble. incidentally, i think that was my favorite cartoon last year. it shows you my maturity level. the next cartoon is a little more cerebral. the first one is federal spending -- some security, defense, etc. the second is federal spending as viewed by the average american. things that benefit me personally and waste is everything else. thank you. most people when you talk to them do not know what government spending really is. where am i? the tea party has been a big theme for cartoonist. here is the tea party congressmen drawing us into the debt ceiling issue. i do pick on obama sometimes. i want to show
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2